"Behind the success of every small business, there is a family" -Unknown

Being involved in a family business can be extremely difficult & challenging, but on the flip side, it can be very rewarding.

Each individual person in a family business has a very important & vital role that's unique to their skills and talents, as well as their interests. It can be a challenge figuring out those specifics in the beginning.

You may have to do some things that don't quite pique your interest at first. You may question your abilities or desire levels and if you even want to continue to be involved.

What you must keep in mind is the WHY behind it all.

(That's another conversation in itself)

We've had our fair share of difficulties learning how to navigate a business together as a family for the first time. And even though we're more than 2 years in, we still struggle some.

But we remember the reason we started and the bigger picture of SnipperZ Lawn Care & we keep pushing and trying to better our best every day.

What's the bigger picture you may ask?

That's creating a blueprint for our son Jacob to have so he can take the business and run with it and evolve it into something much bigger and better than we have been able to create so far.

Some people may think that Jacob is getting "handed" the business or being served to on a silver platter and that couldn't be farther from the truth.

Without Jacob's full passion, participation, & consistent willingness to show up and do the hard work, day after day, SnipperZ wouldn't be where it is today.

Starting a brand-new business in a brand-new location (5000 miles away from the only home state we've ever known mind you) where we knew no one and no one knew us was not an easy feat. We have been very fortunate that we were accepted into the community with open arms and definitely don't take that for granted. We believe that you get what you give, and Hawaii is a special place with special people, unlike any we've ever experienced or been a part of.

And we don't plan on going anywhere any time soon.

This is just the beginning. We have big dreams, goals and a vision for creating more than just another lawn & landscaping company, but rather something that every person involved- clients & team members alike will feel special being a part of.

The below quote from Mother Teresa says it all.

Continuing to learn the best ways to customize the business to work efficiently in Hawaii together as a family is an everyday task. The guys know the field work and how to organize things such as routes, routine equipment maintenance, delegation, team building & more,

while Jenna has experience running the back end of a business with ensuring all things are set up properly to legally operate, online presence, client communications etc. We all try to stay in our own lanes and continue to improve our zones of genius.

Remembering to communicate our thoughts, ideas & concerns

Open communication truly is key. It's the glue that holds everything together. It's not always perfect, and we have to continuously work on it, but if you don't take anything else away from this post, I hope that it'll sink in that you can never over communicate & that nothing is perfect all of the time!

Love this quote from Les Brown

We look forward to sharing more of our journey and hope to help someone even if just one person along the way.

Thank you for reading and let us know if you enjoyed this post.

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Updated: Jul 28

We are growing, which means we are looking for the right people to be a part of the team.

So much goes into this process such as creating ads, setting the ads to hopefully reach the right people, getting the word out to everyone that we're hiring, interviewing, setting up payroll, taxes & insurance (and finding the perfect fit of these processes when outsourcing! Stay tuned for a post on how we do this!), training, making sure our team is happy and at the same time ensuring they are doing their job properly & efficiently, and so much more.

Some qualities we look for in the people that we hire are;

* Self Driven

* Self Motivated

* Friendly


* Honest

* Positive outlook on life

* Professional

* Pays attention to details

* Non-Complainers

*Excellent communicators

*Able to handle constructive criticism

* Innovative

* Not afraid to take the lead

* Accountability

It's so very important to have the right people on your team as they can make or break your business, if you let them that is.

We believe in letting our employees shine in their area of expertise and encourage them to take the lead in the areas they feel most comfortable with. There's always room for growth with us. We will never keep our people from excelling in their craft or going after their goals and dreams. We are dream chasers and goal getters ourselves!

We think another key part to having a successful team is to be open- minded and listen to your team's wishes and needs. Open communication is definitely key and goes both ways. We have worked for difficult and self- centered people in the past, and we strive to not be that way. There's no

" I " in team, and without a team of strong people by your side, you'll never grow.

We would love to hear feedback from what you think makes a business and business owner(s) great and what perks or qualities you look for in a business that will keep you going into work every day happy & ready to conquer the day and excited to come back the next day!

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Aloha! A word that we're getting used to saying. And even more so unexpectedly awesome, a lifestyle.

Before moving to the Big Island of Hawaii, we had no idea that Aloha meant so, so much more than just hello. We have been so grateful to be welcomed with such Aloha and we hope that we are returning that loving energy back to each person we meet. And of course the 'Aina as well with our lawn care business.

So what brought us here and how did we get here? A question that we get asked almost daily. Some even said we were crazy to move to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and some didn't believe we'd do it. But here we are, living proof that if you want something bad enough, all you have to have is the belief that you CAN achieve it and the drive to make it happen.

The thought manifested in August 2019 when James and I visited the island for 10 days

on vacation. Jacob didn't want to come because he had never flown before and he was a little sketchy about being in the middle of the ocean. The moment we stepped off the airplane, it was magic and we were in love. They say there's an energy here that some can literally feel, and boy did we feel it. (even if James won't admit it) ;)

From the magical Waipio Valley where wild horses roam, black sand and lush backdrop with the most magnificent waterfall & and high vibration, to seeing the magnitude of the Hale ma'uma'u Crater in Volcanoes National Park, to the most beautiful and breathtaking mountain and ocean views we have ever seen, and interacting with the most kind and truly genuine people over our 10 day stay, our hearts were captured, and we had to come back, next time with Jacob and for good.

Before we even flew back to Indiana, Jacob already knew we would want to move to Hawaii. He was right. At first he didn't want to, so we let up a little talking about it and just thinking that one day, maybe after he's an adult we would re-visit the idea. But we literally couldn't stop thinking or dreaming about it. We began talking about it again this time, just James and I. The more we shared our experiences and pictures and honestly the love that we felt for Hawaii, Jacob agreed to move! I was stoked and will never ever forget that moment for as long as I shall live. I jumped up and down as we were on one of our daily walks as Jacob said, "We can move to Hawaii."

What THE what?!

Of course we made sure over the next couple of months that he was serious and hadn't had a change of heart since he had never actually even stepped foot on the island before. But in just 9 short months, we had sold everything including our rental house, our boat, the lawn care accounts and equipment, my hair salon items, and just about all of our household belongings, Jacob sold his car, and we went through the long & confusing process of getting our dog Daisy all "certified" for flying into Hawai'i (that's a story in itself) we found an amazing home in Honoka'a, shipped my car over, boxed in our 12ft dump trailer and packed it full of our new lawn care equipment and 12 totes of our belongings, hugged and said, "See you later" to our loved ones and began our 8 day journey across the US. But not without a few hurdles, one being our flight from California to Kona being cancelled due to Covid-19 the day before our drive to Cali. Thankfully, we were able to get a flight from Seattle to Honolulu then to Kona the same day as our original flight. So we drove to California, dropped off the truck and trailer to begin it's sail

across the ocean, rented an suv and began our long drive to Seattle. We had a blast. Even Daisy was living her best life. We're all about adventure in this family.

Jacob and Daisy's first time flying on an airplane went without a hitch!

We finally made it! This is our new life and we couldn't be more grateful, humbled and stoked to be here. Jacob loves it, Daisy loves it, and you already knew that James and I love it! Thank you Hawaii, we love you. And thank you for reading about our journey.

<3 Jenna

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