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Updated: Jul 2

We did it again! We took a HUGE leap of faith on something that we have no idea will be successful or not, but we have faith that it will all work out!

What's life without trying things, right? It seems to be our motto.

Yolo, or whatever the kids are saying these days.

So what's the new thing you're asking? We started a brand new second business! We saw a need while on the properties that we maintenance for lawn/landscaping so we decided to be the ones to fill that need.

The need is; Functional, Durable and Beautiful Landscape Bed Edging.

>Insert Hawai'i Curb Appeal!<

Sure there are landscape bed edging materials out there and available in Hawai'i, but none of them stand the test of time nor do they do what they should be doing which is keep rocks/ mulch IN the beds and weeds (or in the case of Hawai'i, Centipede Grass) OUT and let's face it, the plastic or metal bed edging is not esthetically pleasing and sure doesn't do much for curb appeal.

James and I (Jenna) flew to Florida in March to get trained and certified in this Concrete Curbing/ Landscape Bed Edging and we were blown away! The company we decided to go with provided training/certification, all of the equipment/ materials as well as helped us bring our logo and trailer wrap design to life all in one place! It was pretty cool to experience.

Fast forward to April and we finally got our trailer and equipment/materials shipped to Hawai'i form Florida and we started immediately making samples to go show potential and already interested customers. We have worked through the learning curve of using different sand then what we were trained with in FL, and already completed our first job which came out SO Beautiful! They went with our custom Lava Stamp and black colored curb.

Custom Concrete Curb for Landscaping by Hawai'i Curb Appeal

Custom Concrete Curb for Landscaping by Hawai'i Curb Appeal

Custom Concrete Curb for Landscaping by Hawai'i Curb Appeal

Custom Lava Concrete Curb for Landscaping by Hawai'i Curb Appeal Hawai'i Island Stamp

Before and After Custom Concrete Curb for Landscaping by Hawai'i Curb Appeal

Before and After Custom Concrete Curb for Landscaping by Hawai'i Curb Appeal

Before and After Custom Concrete Curb for Landscaping by Hawai'i Curb Appeal

We have two other jobs lined up for this month already with one being a commercial property, so stay tuned to Hawai'i Curb Appeal for updates and pics on those projects coming soon!

Also, if you know anyone that may be interested in getting this custom curb installed, we have an incentive program good through July 31st 2023 where you will get $100 cash for every paid curbing project you send our way! Tell them to get scheduled before the wait becomes longer as demand becomes higher. We're pretty sure this is going to take off once everyone sees the benefits and just how beautiful and custom this landscape edging truly is!

Referral Incentive for Hawai'i Curb Appeal

We will be hiring soon for the curbing business, so if you know any dependable, hard workers looking for a job that's fun, but also challenging and outdoors, tell them to reach out.


Email- aloha@hawaiicurbappeal

Thanks for reading about our wild and crazy adventures. Never a dull moment around here-HA!

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Updated: Jun 27

The phrase "Be afraid, and do it anyway" is kind of played out, but the validity holds true.

"Leap and the net will appear", "Jump and build the plane on the way down" are some other sayings that apply here. Cheesy and a little over said, but accurate.

However, there's more to it than that...

How many times were you afraid to do something, but you did it anyway and realized it wasn't so scary after all? Think about doing that for your big, audacious goals.

Anyone can achieve anything. Period.

It takes guts, determination and consistency. You have to immerse yourself in every facet of the thing you want to accomplish. Educate yourself, try things in baby steps, watch and try to meet the people already doing the thing you want to do.

Most people give up too early. And a lot of times it's right before they're about to reach the top- their GOAL!

None of us can see the future, give it your absolute ALL and don't give up when things get hard, you'll be amazed at what you can achieve.


We were scared shitless when we decided we were going to move to Hawai'i almost 3 years ago and start a brand new business where we knew no one, and had no clue if it would actually work. See our story here. We're still here! Still chasing and achieving our dreams. Not giving up when things get hard. Pushing through and trying to be better today then we were yesterday.

Holualoa Landscaping Company

Fear is real, and it can stop you in your tracks, but you can conquer fear!

Mel Robbins has a good video on how to beat fear.

In 2014 I (Jenna) was scared shitless to open my own Hair Salon, but with the push from James who believed in me, hard work and determination, I opened my first salon with a partner and 10 (starting to see a #10 theme here) months later I branched out on to my own and opened a salon by myself and quickly out grew that space and opened a bigger salon with more chairs and more stylists who believed in me and the brand that I was building. That ended up not being the path that was for me long term, (I owned my salon for 6 years) but the point is, I made a dream a reality and I'm not special, just determined to reach for the stars. The beginning isn't going to be perfect or glamorous- You have to start somewhere, so just start!

Last photo was 1st Salon

Who you surround yourself with will absolutely play a HUGE role in you achieving your dreams.

If you've been told all your life that certain things are out of your reach or "not for you",

FORGET THAT NONSENSE! They may have meant well or thought they were protecting you from failure, but how do you think you learn? From failure! You have to fail forward and learn from mistakes, but not taking the risks at all keeps you EXACTLY where you are at now. Do you want to be exactly where you are 5, 10, 20 years from now? If not, then get out there and chase those dreams, make shit happen and don't be afraid to fail! Life is too damn short to not take chances.

"You will miss 100% of the chances that you don't take!"

And now we are making another huge leap of faith in business and can't wait to share with the world, so stay tuned to see what's next for us if you're interested.

You're 100% in control of your life. What will you accomplish? What will you be proud of at the end of your life?

"The fastest way to do things you don't think can be done is to surround yourself with people already doing them." -Scott Dinsmore See his inspiring Ted Talk here

Beautiful View from atop Mauna Kea

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Updated: Jun 27

We feel that this aspect of growing a business, especially a service- based business is vital, especially living on an island.

In order to grow your network and community, a few of the musts are:

  • You Must Add Value

  • You Must Reciprocate

  • Know that not everyone has the best intentions


Not everyone is going to be a good match/fit for your company, and vice versa.

And that's okay!

Add Value

First and foremost, if your business isn't adding value to someone or something outside of yourself, you're not going to make it very far, and you will certainly make some enemies along the way.

This is not to say you cannot add value to your families lives or your life. However, a successful business model looks to add value to others or a greater purpose as the overarching goal.

"He who is greedy is always in want." -Unknown


Have you ever experienced giving so much to someone until you felt depleted because they weren't giving anything back, just always taking what you have to give?

Doesn't feel good, does it?

The same goes for running a business and building your network and community.

You should always strive to reciprocate all good deeds done onto you.

If someone is lending you a hand or sending you referrals or giving you valuable advice, you should always try your best to add value back to their lives, because they didn't have to do that nice thing for you, but they thought highly enough of you to do so. And most do so without the expectations of a return or reward, but it's just the right thing to do your best to reciprocate their thoughtfulness and show appreciation for their efforts.

And it's how we change the world.

Be Careful

Having owned multiple businesses and interacting with a lot of people and personalities, we've experienced the flip side of kindness. Not everyone who seems like they want to help is actually cheering for you and wanting you to succeed. There is still a lot of greed & selfishness in the world and it's important to be careful and also prepared.

This doesn't mean trust no one, but it does mean to look out for red flags and know when to stop ugliness in its tracks. Like we tell our kids, always trust your instincts and if something doesn't feel right, listen to that intuition and be mindful moving forward.

All of this to say, building a network of like-minded individuals, businesses & community is extremely valuable and necessary. And you never know who you'll meet and how you can help each other. Keep an open mind and an open heart to all interactions. You won't be disappointed.

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