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From Indiana to Hawai'i Island

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Aloha! A word that we're getting used to saying. And even more so unexpectedly awesome, a lifestyle.

Before moving to Hawai'i Island, we had no idea that Aloha meant so, so much more than just hello. We have been so grateful to be welcomed with such Aloha and we hope that we are returning that loving energy back to each person we meet. And of course the 'Aina as well with our lawn & landscaping business.

So what brought us here and how did we get here?

A question that we get asked almost daily. Some even said we were crazy to move to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and some didn't believe we'd do it. But here we are, living proof that if you want something bad enough, all you have to have is the belief that you CAN achieve it and the drive to make it happen.

The thought manifested in August 2019 when James and I visited the Island for 10 days

on vacation. Jacob didn't want to come because he had never flown before and he was pretty hesitant about being in the middle of the ocean.

The moment we stepped off the airplane, it was magic and we were in love.

They say there's an energy here that some can literally feel, and boy did we feel it.

From the magical Waipi'o Valley where wild horses roam, black sand and lush backdrop with the most magnificent waterfall & and high vibration, to seeing the magnitude of the Hale ma'uma'u Crater in Volcanoes National Park, to the most beautiful and breathtaking mountain and ocean views we have ever seen, and interacting with the most kind and truly genuine people over our 10 day stay, our hearts were captured, and we had to come back, next time with Jacob and for good.

Before we even flew back to Indiana, Jacob already knew we would want to move to Hawai'i. He was right. At first he didn't want to, so we let up a little talking about it and just thinking that one day, maybe after he's an adult we would re-visit the idea. But we literally couldn't stop thinking or dreaming about it. We began talking about it again this time, just James and I. The more we shared our experiences and pictures and honestly the love that we felt for Hawai'i, Jacob agreed to move! I was stoked and will never ever forget that moment for as long as I shall live. I jumped up and down as we were on one of our daily walks as Jacob said, "We can move to Hawai'i."

What THE what?!

Of course we made sure over the next couple of months that he was serious and hadn't had a change of heart since he had never actually even stepped foot on the Island before. But in just 10 short months, we were moving to Hawai'i! It was quite the process, with some bumps along the way. Despite a world-wide 'pandemic' just beginning and the apparent hurdles it would soon create for us, we were determined. We had already sold everything including our rental house, our boat, the lawn care accounts and equipment, my hair salon items, and just about all of our household belongings, Jacob sold his car, and we went through the long & confusing process of getting our dog Daisy all "certified" for flying into Hawai'i (that's a story in itself) we found an amazing home in Honoka'a, shipped my car over, boxed in our 12ft dump trailer and packed it full of our new lawn care equipment and 12 totes of our belongings, hugged and said, "See you later" to our loved ones and began our 8 day journey across the US. One of the inevitable hurdles being our flight from California to Kona was cancelled due to Covid-19 the day before our drive to Cali. Thankfully, we were able to get a flight from Seattle to Honolulu then to Kona the same day as our original flight. So we drove to California, dropped off the truck and trailer to begin it's sail across the ocean, rented an suv and began our long drive to Seattle. We had a blast.

Even Daisy was living her best life. We're all about adventure in this family.

Jacob and Daisy's first time flying on an airplane went without a hitch!

We finally made it! This is our new life and we couldn't be more grateful, humbled and stoked to be here. Jacob loves it, Daisy loves it, and you already knew that James and I love it! Thank you Hawaii, we love you. And thank you for reading about our journey.

<3 Jenna

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