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Taking Another Huge Leap of Faith

We did it again! We took a HUGE leap of faith on something that we have no idea will be successful or not, but we have faith that it will all work out!

What's life without trying things, right? It seems to be our motto.

Yolo, or whatever the kids are saying these days.

So what's the new thing you're asking? We started a brand new second business! We saw a need while on the properties that we maintenance for lawn/landscaping so we decided to be the ones to fill that need.

The need is; Functional, Durable and Beautiful Landscape Bed Edging.

>Insert Hawai'i Curb Appeal!<

Sure there are landscape bed edging materials out there and available in Hawai'i, but none of them stand the test of time nor do they do what they should be doing which is keep rocks/ mulch IN the beds and weeds (or in the case of Hawai'i, Centipede Grass) OUT and let's face it, the plastic or metal bed edging is not esthetically pleasing and sure doesn't do much for curb appeal.

James and I (Jenna) flew to Florida in March to get trained and certified in this Concrete Curbing/ Landscape Bed Edging and we were blown away! The company we decided to go with provided training/certification, all of the equipment/ materials as well as helped us bring our logo and trailer wrap design to life all in one place! It was pretty cool to experience.

Fast forward to April and we finally got our trailer and equipment/materials shipped to Hawai'i form Florida and we started immediately making samples to go show potential and already interested customers. We have worked through the learning curve of using different sand then what we were trained with in FL, and already completed our first job which came out SO Beautiful! They went with our custom Lava Stamp and black colored curb.

We have two other jobs lined up for this month already with one being a commercial property, so stay tuned to Hawai'i Curb Appeal for updates and pics on those projects coming soon!

Also, if you know anyone that may be interested in getting this custom curb installed, we have an incentive program good through July 31st 2023 where you will get $100 cash for every paid curbing project you send our way! Tell them to get scheduled before the wait becomes longer as demand becomes higher. We're pretty sure this is going to take off once everyone sees the benefits and just how beautiful and custom this landscape edging truly is!

We will be hiring soon for the curbing business, so if you know any dependable, hard workers looking for a job that's fun, but also challenging and outdoors, tell them to reach out.


Email- aloha@hawaiicurbappeal

Thanks for reading about our wild and crazy adventures. Never a dull moment around here-HA!

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