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Price or Value- which do you prefer? (for the consumer & business owner)

Value vs Price- which do you prefer?

A tricky, yet very important topic:

Which do you care about- The price of a project/job/maintenance service


The Value you get??

Lets get right into it, because I think this blog may bring some clarity to the reader, at least that's my hope anyway.


Ok, so, you've decided to hire, or at least look into hiring a service provider to help you on a task/ project.

Now you have to decide whether you're going to hire based on who is the lowest price, OR are you going to hire based on who provides the most value even if it means paying more than you hoped knowing that there are cheaper options out there...

Business Owner:

Maybe you're a new business and you ARE the cheapest out there- THAT'S OK! And we've all been there. Just remember to not STAY there. In order to grow and be a sustainable business that can continue to provide value to your customers, you MUST increase your prices as you grow. The good customers who appreciate you and see your value will stay, and the rest will weed themselves out. (no pun intended) That is if you are consistently providing value.

I can remember a time in 2009 when I was shopping for a fence installation for my very first home I had ever owned. I needed the fence for my Rottweiler and 3 yr old son to create a safe place play in. Somehow at the young age of 24, and probably from the advice of my uncle, I decided to have 3 companies come out to give me quotes. Something in me said to go with the middle quote, because the cheapest company probably wasn't going to do a great job OR would use cheap materials. I couldn't quite afford the most expensive one, but the middle company's sales man made me feel like he was going to do a great job and deliver a quality product, even though I was spending a little more than I wanted. Decision was made, and needless to say I was very happy with the outcome. And that fence is still standing strong after all of these years!

So I ask you this, Consumer- Are you shopping for the cheapest price, OR are you shopping for the best value? You simply can't have both- unless you find a brand new company with great values and morals and they are needing to get their name out there to get established.

And I ask you, my fellow Business Owners- Are you providing the cheapest service in town, or are you providing VALUE to the customer you are serving? Think about it and ask yourself why that is? Why are you choosing one or the other? And make sure to explain that confidently to the potential clients that contact you. People don't really know what it is you're offering exactly unless you tell them, they just know they need the help.

We at SnipperZ Lawn Care, LLC choose to be a business that provides value, not the cheapest price. We are not for everyone and everyone is not for us. And that is ok. Stand firm in your beliefs and be confident whatever you choose to provide.

It is not easy nor cheap to own and operate a business (ESPECIALLY IN HAWAI'I) with high morals and integrity, therefore the services that you offer should also not be cheap or easy.

Do hard work and do it well, while taking care of the customer with integrity and high standards.

Do it for yourself and your peers & you will succeed for many years to come instead of the one or 2 season business that fizzled out. Much Aloha to you, the reader.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and let us know in the comments your thoughts.

Shaka Art


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