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Hiring the right people, and keeping them!

Updated: Feb 15

We are growing, which means we are looking for the right people to be a part of the team.

So much goes into this process such as creating ads, setting the ads to hopefully reach the right people, getting the word out to everyone that we're hiring, interviewing, setting up payroll, taxes & insurance (and finding the perfect fit of these processes when outsourcing! Stay tuned for a post on how we do this!), training, making sure our team is happy and at the same time ensuring they are doing their job properly & efficiently, and so much more.

Some qualities we look for in the people that we hire are;

* Self Driven

* Self Motivated

* Friendly


* Honest

* Positive outlook on life

* Professional

* Pays attention to details

* Non-Complainers

*Excellent communicators

*Able to handle constructive criticism

* Innovative

* Not afraid to take the lead

* Accountability

Team Quote

It's so very important to have the right people on your team as they can make or break your business, if you let them that is.

We believe in letting our employees shine in their area of expertise and encourage them to take the lead in the areas they feel most comfortable with. There's always room for growth with us. We will never keep our people from excelling in their craft or going after their goals and dreams. We are dream chasers and goal getters ourselves!


We think another key part to having a successful team is to be open- minded and listen to your team's wishes and needs. Open communication is definitely key and goes both ways. We have worked for difficult and self- centered people in the past, and we strive to not be that way. There's no

" I " in team, and without a team of strong people by your side, you'll never grow.

We would love to hear feedback from what you think makes a business and business owner(s) great and what perks or qualities you look for in a business that will keep you going into work every day happy & ready to conquer the day and excited to come back the next day!

If you or someone you know is looking for a new job/career, apply here!

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